Competo Capital Partners GmbH, Munich, is an owner-operated and independent specialist for individually tailored investments in German real estate. This information was compiled with care by Competo Capital Partners GmbH but Competo Capital Partners GmbH shall assume no liability regarding the completeness or correctness of the information. The same applies for other information - in writing or verbally, electronically or in another form - that interested parties or their advisors are provided with. Binding agreements on the completeness and correctness of information are provided only through agreements in a company contract (fund KG or fund GmbH) and/or a service contract (management contract). As in the case of comparable transactions, the purchase of investments in project developments or portfolio real estate may be associated with risks.

Economic and project(-specific) changes and other factors have a significant impact on the profitability of such and enterprise. Project developments in the area of real estate, in particular, are subject to a high risk because of the changing nature of the project parameters. Every recipient of this information must carry out his or her own independent analysis, assessment and other checks and evaluations, which are necessary and usual prior to a decision to invest. The information provided here is not intended as legal, tax or management advice.

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